As we aim to foster long-lasting relationships with our customers, Pro Ark Design products are backed by a limited manufacturer’s defect warranty covering six (6) years for products in residential use and three (3) years for products in commercial use from the date of purchase, so in the event that your product shows defects, please follow the steps in the “Submitting A Warranty Claim” section below.

The following items are excluded from Pro Ark Design warranty, and it will not be liable for any failure, defect, or damage resulting from or connected with the following:

● Assembly, disassembly, or mishandling of products after leaving our facility, including any labor or installation by Pro Ark Design, a dealer, or a third-party assembler.

● Any modifications made to the product after production including structural alterations or the application of any coating on a product not approved by Pro Ark Design (including paint, chemicals, varnish, etc.).

● Exposure to heat from an external source (including grills, firepits, and campfires).

● Ordinary wear and tear, abuse, neglect, mishandling, or otherwise abnormal use, including the combined use of an incompatible product or accessory not manufactured by Pro Ark Design.

● Lack of regular/suggested maintenance and cleaning (please see cleaning/maintenance information for details on how to maintain Proak Design products).

● Fading and color dim– Pro Ark products are made to be UV resistant to reduce fading, but when exposed directly to the sun for long periods, the color will eventually fade to a degree (to protect against fading: reduce direct sunlight by storing or covering the products).

● Rust or corrosion of stainless steel and polyurethane-coated copper hardware including corrosion due to exposure to salt-water conditions.

● For in-water use, improper balance of chemicals in the water in which Pro Ark products are used.

● Damage caused by acts of God, air pollution or other environmental conditions, corrosive atmospheres, intentional acts, unreasonable use, vandalism, or civil disorder. The warranty does not apply to

● Incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of products.

● Any parties or individuals, other than the original owner.

● Transportation, labor, or assembly costs. Submitting A Warranty Claim Please have proof of purchase ready when submitting a warranty claim. To submit a warranty claim: 1. Contact our customer service team at 1-810-476-4240, or email including your name, invoice number, contact information, pictures, and a description of the defect. 2. Pro Ark Design will review the claim and repair or replace, at our discretion, any product determined by Pro Ark Design to be a manufacturer’s defect.