Frequently Asked Questions

Our primary material is fiberglass and resin with gelcoat finishing. Gelcoat sets a smoother and finer finishing touch than more common resins.

Pro Ark Design ships globally.

You can buy directly from us through our website. For custom orders please email us at and a sales representative will contact you directly.

No. Our in-pool products like the Water Chaise contain air chambers to fill up the piece with water. No hose is needed. Because fiberglass is firmer than regular plastic, its natural weight will keep it static and safe from the wind.

Fiberglass products have been known to last up to 50 years! Even under tough conditions, the mechanical properties and microstructural integrity of our fiberglass products can last for longer than 20 years.

Yes. All of our in-pool cushions are made of 100% Polypropylene.

Our products are built to withstand the sun, weather, and chemicals of any pool or outdoor environment, as it's crafted of a high-quality, UV20-rated resin.

Online orders can take between two to four weeks. Custom orders may take up to 8 weeks or less depending on the product.

Yes. We offer customizable colors and finishes.

Read our dispositions for shipping and returns.

We take all major credit cards and wire transfers.

Little to no maintenance is required. However, we recommend certain waxes to keep it polished and clean.

All of our in-pool products do not require professional assembly at all. On other types of furniture like tables and sofas, some assembly might be required.

Fiberglass stands out among other furniture materials due to its strength and durability. On outdoor furniture, for instance, has proven to be resistant to a variety of weather conditions and temperatures. While Thermoplastic (general plastics) presents less resistant features, fiberglass-reinforced plastic will be less likely to bend while presenting compressive, tensile, high temperature, and humidity resistance to chemical, environmental and biological effects.

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