Pro Ark Design seeks to become an ally in creating furniture and architectural features for interior designers, designers, contractors, and architects. Our portfolio is the result of a balance between the personality of our designs and the quality of the materials selected for their creation.


01. We

We are a furniture brand specializing in decor and architectural solutions for the outdoors. Our main material is fiberglass, which allows us to offer a wide range of benefits including high resistance and endurance but at a low maintenance cost.

We have designed each piece of our outdoor and indoor furniture merging appealing aspects, aesthetics, personality, quality, and comfortability. We seek to elevate and complement your spaces and architectural works through our broad portfolio of products.

02. Our DNA

Our identity is rooted in 4 principles, shaping not only our corporate culture but also the design of each of our furniture pieces:

  • ● Intrepidness: Stand out with our bold personality, projected on our furniture pieces.
  • ● Integrity: Generate confidence in the quality and craftsmanship of our finishes.
  • ● Innovation: Seek excellence and constant improvement of our standards.
  • ● Ikigai: Converge in providing solutions for the market without compromising on our raison d’être or our passions.

03. Our Promise

Beyond selling furniture, we want to become providers of architectural and design solutions, for all types of spaces, regardless of their location or use. To this effect, Pro Ark is not limited to offering our fiberglass furniture for immediate purchase, but we encourage architects, interior designers, contractors, or anyone with an idea, the possibility of create custom pieces based on their needs, designs, or desires.

Our team will be ready at each link of the creative and productive process for supporting you in the creation of your furniture pieces. We will always strive to deliver a high-quality product; hence, the choice of fiberglass is not an arbitrariness; our target is to offer long-lasting furniture with low maintenance requirements. In addition, we aim to reduce our environmental impact, as we are willing to set a benchmark in terms of quality but also in the integration of sustainable practices.